Neelima R. Kumar Neha Rana Preeti Kalia


The effects of Electromagnetic radiations (EMR) are being felt by wildlife and the environment as a whole, birds, bees, worms, trees are being affected. So the main focus of present study was carried out to analyse the influence of cell phone radiations on the biochemical aspects of drone of Apis mellifera L. The drone was exposed for 30 mins to radiations using live cell phones kept in working mode with tape recorder at the speaker end and positive response at the receiver’s end. The results of the treatment were analyzed and compared with the control. The concentration of various biomolecules increased from 1.65 mg/ml to 2.75 mg/ml for carbohydrates , 3.74 mg/ml to 4.85 mg/ml for proteins and from 0.325 mg/ml to 1.33 mg/ml for lipids under the influence of EMR.


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Apis mellifera, Biomolecules, Cell phone radiations, Drone, Haemolymph

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