Utpal Barman Ridip Dev Choudhury Bipul Kumar Talukdar George Bhokta Sahrul Alom Choudhari Abhinab Saikia


Immature and tender tea leaves always produce high-quality tea than mature tea leaves. Depending on the maturity and age of the leaf, the colour and texture of the tea leaf are different. The photosynthesis capacity of the tea leaf also changes with the change of leaf maturity. Though the tea farmer plucks, classifies, and recognizes the best tea leaves (immature and tender) by viewing the visual symptoms and position of the leaves, the method is not authentic all time and leads to the overall degradation of the tea quality. The present study presents a smartphone assist tea leaf recognition system by analyzing the colour and texture properties of the tea leaf. The six different colour features and 4 Haralick texture features were extracted in the colour and grey domain of the leaf images. Three types of tea leaves, i.e., mature, immature, and tender, were classified using Deep Neural Network (DNN) with ADAM (Adaptive Moment Estimation) optimizer. With an accuracy of 97%, the DNN outperformed the Support Vector Machine (SVM) and K Nearest Neighbor (KNN). The SVM and KNN reported a total of 94.42% and 95.53% accuracy, respectively. The investigated system using DNN with an average precision and recall value of 98.67 and 98.34, respectively, may detect and classify the tea leaf maturity status. The system also can be used in AI-based tea plucking robotic systems or machines.




Agri-informatics, ANN, DNN, Leaf maturity, Precision Farming, Smartphone

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