S. N. Bahuguna Ashish K. Chowdhary Shurveer Singh


The quantitative osteological study has been conducted on a Hillstream bottom feeder fish Crossocheilus latius latius. C. latius latius is a common hillstream fish of Snowfed Rivers of Alaknanda. The bones have been taken from different sized fishes ranged from 13 to 27 Cm in length and 39 to 132 gm in weight. The correlation is applied between Body Weight and the Weight of different disarticulated bones of C. latius latius. The correlation (r) is highly significant among the different parameter of body in relation to osteology which ranged from r = 0.952; P<0.1 to r = 0.999; P< 0.1.


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Articulated and disarticulated bones, Correlation coefficient, Crossocheilus latius latius, Quantitative osteological study

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