Mansha Gul F. A. Khan Shafiq A Wani S. A. Bhat S. A. Mir A. Malik Amit Kumar S. Narayan Moinuddin Fasil Fayaz S. A. Lone


Considering the rich nutritional status and possibility of broccoli in improving the profitable yield, and wide role of Mel in regulating the plant physiological process, an investigation was carried out at the division of Basic Sciences and Humanities during 2017 to investigate the effect of foliar application of Mel on leaf photosynthetic and biochemical attributes broccoli. Thirty days old and uniform seedlings of broccoli cv. Palam Samridhi were transplanted in the field at a spacing of 45 × 45cm. Different concentrations of Mel, viz. 0, 20, 40, 60 and 80 ppm were sprayed on the plant foliage at 15 days after transplanting (DAT) replicating each treatment four times. Leaf gas exchange and biochemical attributes were tested following the standard procedures. The Results showed the lowest stipulated rate of photosynthesis (10.87 µmole.m-2.sec-1), stomatal conductance (301.44 mole H2O.m-2ses-1) and leaf transpiration (1. 14 mole H2O.m-2ses-1) in untreated plants.  Different doses of Mel significantly increased the values of these attributes and the highest values of photosynthesis (18.63 µmole.m-2.sec-1), stomatal conductance (324.37 mmole.m-2.ses-1) and leaf transpiration (3.23 mmole.m-2.ses-1) with Mel 60 ppm were recorded. The alterations in different biochemical attributes were also evident due to foliar application of Mel and maximum leaf sugar (77.0 and 85.9µg/g), protein (56.9 and 77.3 µg/g), total phenols (260.1 and 339.9 mg/100g), antioxidants (142.8 and 159.9 mg GAE /100g DW) and MSI (94.89 and 97.43 percent) values with Mel 60ppm at 30 and 60DAT, respectively. Therefore, the present study signifies the useful effects of Mel in regulating the physio-biochemical properties of broccoli.




Antioxidants, Broccoli, MDA, Melatonin, MSI, photosynthesis

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