Hina N. Kadeval V. K. Patel


Renewable energy is considered as next alternative to fossil fuels and nowadays, it attracts much attention in agriculture and environmental protection. Application of solar photovoltaic system is drying and dehydration of products, heating, irrigation, greenhouse and power generation etc. Temperature and sun radiation varies nonlinearly. Power generation varies with reference to radiation and temperature in photo-voltaic (PV) system. PV characteristic is nonlinear and  PV cell is the basic unit for electricity generation. To get the characteristic response of PV, it aimed to develop a solar cell/panel model and array on a platform like MATLAB. In this research paper, step by step procedure has been defined for modelling solar cell, panel, and array models of the photovoltaic system. Kyocera solar KC-200GT 200W solar panel is used as a reference model for further modelling. The PV array characteristic are simulated for different irradiance(200W/m2,400 W/m2 ,600 W/m2 ,800W/m2 ,1000W/m2)and temperature variation(25°C, 35°C, 45°C, 55°C, 75°C). The output characteristic of the reference model matches with simulated results. The output reduced when the solar irradiation reduced from 1000 to 200 W/m2. As the temperature increased, the output voltage decreases, whereas the output current increases slightly. This model would be useful for investigating the effect of different parameters like series resistance, shunt resistance, thermal voltage, solar cell temperature coefficient of short circuit current etc. It would also be useful for investigating the working parameters like temperature & radiation condition and different series and parallel combinations of panels. This modelling is useful in investigating the performance of solar arrays in different applications of solar power generation, as well as modelling provides a major role in the mounting of PV panels. 


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Cell, Array, P-V, I-V, Temperature coefficient

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