Suren Subba Vinod Kumar Mahaseth Bharat Raj Subba Shyam Narayan Labh


Neolissochilus hexagonolepis (McClelland, 1839) is one among the notable species in snow-fed torrential rivers of Nepal. The present study attempts to investigate some reproductive traits of N. hexagonolepis, including the length at first maturity, fecundity and its relationships with biometric variables like lengths (TL, SL, and FL) and weights (TW and OW) of the fish in the mid-reaches of Tamor River, Nepal. A total of 109 fish samples were collected from the river. For each individual, total length (TL), standard length (SL) and fork length (FL) were measured in a fully stretched condition to the nearest 1mm using a measuring tape and graduated ruler, while total weight (TW) and ovary weight (OW) was measured using a digital balance with the precision of 0.01 g. The mean absolute fecundity (F) was 8356.44 ± 4612.59 and ranged from 2398.6 to 20160. SL was more significantly correlated with absolute fecundity (R2=0.59; p<0.001) than other body metrics. The results showed that female individuals of N. hexagonolepis attained the first sexual maturity at TL 32.9 cm. N. hexagonolepis exhibited a protracted breeding period with its ovaries passing through six different stages of maturation. The finding of the present study may serve as a protocol for fishery biologists and managers to promulgate adequate regulations for continual fishery management in the River Tamor, Nepal.




Absolute fecundity , Maturation cycle, Reproductive traits, Size at first sexual maturity, Total length

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