Shabeena Majid Amit Kumar Sabia Bashir Seerat-ul-Nisa Asima Amin Shaheena Ahmad Nagoo Zahida Rashid Z. A. Dar Saima Paul


Pollination is very important to obtain an economic yield, and the selection of pollinizer with suitable quality and quantity of pollen is an essential practice in different fruit plants. The effects of pollen parent on kernel and nut characters are known to occur in several nut crops and to determine the best pollinizer and effect of pollen source on the nut and kernel quality of almond (Prunus amygdalus L.). The present investigation was carried out at the experiment farm of Dryland Agriculture Research Station (DARS), SKUAST-Kashmir for two consecutive years, i.e. 2008 and 2009. Various cross combinations were made among nine almond (three exotic and six indigenous) varieties/selections which are compatible with each other. Their nut and kernel characteristics were determined and observed maximum nut weight (2.21 g), nut length (39.78 mm) and nut breadth (20.33 mm), kernel weight (1.28 g), kernel length (28.63 mm) and kernel breadth (12.61 mm) and shelling percentage (57.99 %). In the present study it has been observed that the parent with big nut and kernel size and weight influenced the nut and kernel size; nut and kernel weight of the recipient parent significantly (p?0.05).


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Almond, Exotic, Indigenous, Selections, Varieties, Xenia

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