Zaheer Ahmed Altaf Hussain Mir Mohd Kamil Usmani


The genus Macrocentrus Curtis, 1833 is extensively dispersed with 238 species known worldwide. Including this new species, eight species of Macrocentrus are known from India. This genus is characterized by following characters: Antenna often about as long as or somewhat longer than the body (but sometimes distinctly shorter), with 24-61 segments, apical segment with distinct spine or without a spine. In the present study a new braconid, Macrocentrus hayati sp. nov. is described and illustrated from Jammu and Kashmir (UT), India. Specimens were collected from the grass (Cynodon) and weeds near the vegetables like brinjal, potatoes and beans through net sweeping. The collected material was transferred to glass vials containing 70% ethyl alcohol and brought to the laboratory for further studies.The study will help to boost the knowledge of Braconid parasitoids (living weapon) which play a key role in controlling the harmful pests, ultimately resulting in the increase of the yield of crops and other economic commodities like food grains.


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Braconidae, Macrocentrinae, New species, Taxonomy

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