D. Divyalakshmi N. Kumaravelu B. Samuel Masilamoni Ronald Thanga. Thamil Vanan P. Tensingh Gnanaraj


Disinfection of animal shed means making them free from disease producing organisms. An attempt has been made to assess the efficacy of disinfectants. The study was carried out in three different seasons of the year during 2017-18 in pig fattener facilities and farrowing pen at Livestock Farm Complex, Madhavaram, Chennai. Four disinfectants namely, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite and cow urine based disinfectant were used. The efficacy of the disinfectants was found out by dilution method. In pig fattener sty the efficacy of disinfectants in descending order were chlorine dioxide (1.77x108 ±1.10), sodium hypochlorite (2.57x1011±1.15), cow urine based disinfectant (1.68x1011±1.12) and calcium hypochlorite (7.73x1011±1.06) in all the seasons of the year. In farrowing pen the order of efficacy of disinfectants were chlorine dioxide (1.82x108±1.17), sodium hypochlorite (2.71x1011±1.15), calcium hypochlorite (2.66x1011±1.17) and cow urine based disinfectant (3.15x1011 ±1.07) in all the seasons of the year. Hence, spraying with chlorine dioxide in pig facilities was found to be effective in all seasons of the year.


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Disinfectants, Farrowing pen, Pig fattener sty, Seasons

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