Anju B. Raj Sheeja K. Raj


Zn plays major role in many physiological processes viz., chlorophyll formation, pollen formation, fertilization, protein synthesis, cell elongation, nodule formation etc. Hence, Zn nutrition favourably influences the growth, yield, physiological parameters and nodule formation in pulses. Similar to that of Zn, B also plays a major role in the functioning of reproductive tissues, structural integrity of plasma membrane, sugar transport, nodule development etc. Boron nutrition reduces the flower drop, increases the pod setting in pulses and also increased nodulation in pulses. The review elaborates the effect of Zn and B nutrition on the physiological, growth and yield parameters and yield of pulses and their effect on nodule formation and uptake of nutrients in pulses.




Boron, Growth, Nodule, Nutrient Uptake, Physiological, Yield, Zinc

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