D. Sukumar Thanga.Thamil Vanan A. Thennarasu T.M.A. Senthil Kumar


A study was undertaken to assess the incidence of subclinical mastitis in crossbred cows of Villupuram district by using direct microscopic Somatic cell count (SCC). For this purpose sixty eight crossbred cows positive for subclinical mastitis (SCM) as per IDF (International Dairy Federation) criteria were randomly allotted in to two treatment groups. The cows in T1 group were subjected to post milking teat dip with one per cent Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution immediately after milking. The cows in T2 group were sprayed with TEAT PROTECT sprays. Sixteen healthy cows were kept as control group and udder was washed with plain water. The treatments were carried out for 30 days. Udder health status was determined by recording the parameters viz. somatic cell count (SCC), average daily milk yield, udder colony count and teat colony count.  The results revealed that TEAT PROTECT spray is superior to Potassium permanganate in curing SCM of crossbred cows.




KMnO4 teat dip, Somatic cell count, Subclinical mastitis, TEAT PROTECT spray

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