Sapana Yadav Shreoshi Haldar Deepshikha Animesh Kumar Mohapatra


Monocrotophos, an organophosphate pesticide is used frequently in paddy fields of India. Although its impact of toxicity has been reported in many organisms, its effect on digestive and respiratory organs in Anabas testudineus is scanty. The Present investigation was conducted to evaluate the impact of histopathological and biochemical indices on freshwater fish A.testudineus exposed to sub-lethal concentration (45 ppm) of an organophosphorous pesticide monocrotophos (MT). Severe histoarchitectural and biochemical changes were observed in fishes exposed to monocrotophos when compared to fishes of control group. Exposure of fishes to the pesticide resulted in induction of histological abnormalities in gills, stomach and intestine. This was accompanied with reduction in total protein content and an elevation in catalase activity in gills, stomach and intestine. These structural alterations of the gills, stomach and intestine could affect respiration, digestion and absorption of nutrients which in turn could adversely affect growth and survival of the freshwater fish A. testudineus. The result of this investigation serves as a biomonitoring tool for the effects of organophosphorous pesticide MT on the aquatic biota.




Catalase, Gills, Histopathology, Intestine, Monocrotophos, Protein, Stomach

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