Sunil Kumar D. S. Malik Prachi Rathi


Depletion of stratospheric ozone layer is resulting into increase in solar UV-B on earth surface. Ultra violet radiation is well known to cause many detrimental effects in aquatic organisms. The present study was performed to study the effect of solar ultraviolet radiation on fish fingerlings of Tor tor and Schizothorax richardsonii as a model system on laboratory scale. The effect of different intensities of natural solar and artificial UV-B radiation on fish larvae of T. tor and S. richardsonii in a presence of retene was investigated. Solar ultraviolet intensity showed seasonal and altitudinal variations in Garhwal region. Solar UV radiation level was lower (0.390 mw/cm2) in the month of January- February at lower altitude and highest (1.192 mw/cm2) in the month of July-August 2018 at higher altitude. Fish larvae exposed to artificial UV-B (average wavelength 312 nm and intensity of 750 mw/cm2) with retene (50µg/l) showed increase in gills malandialdehyde level and caused larvae mortality as indicating that enhanced solar UV-B exposure could be lethal to fish fauna in aquatic ecosystem. Artificial UV-B had a stronger damaging effect on fish larvae than solar radiation exhibited highly toxic in presence of retene. The larvae of S. richardsonii was found more sensitive than T. tor as indicated by high mortality rate (30%) and high pigmented characteristics on dorsal side. The solar and ultraviolet radiation showed a positive effect on high pigmentation. These results suggest that on a short time scale, UV-B radiation causing developmental stress on fish larvae may contribute to assess the phototoxic behaviour of cold water fishes.




Fish larvae, Fish mortality, UV-B radiation, Tor tor, Schizothorax richardsonii

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