Chhungpuii Khawlhring Gaurang D. Patel F. Lalnunmawia


An experiment was carried out to study the productivity and flower quality of Anthurium andreanum cv. Evita cultivated in shade house (75% shade net) and under natural forest trees at Herbal garden, School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources, Management, Mizoram University, Tanhril, Mizoram. There were six different nutrient sources as F0 - control  (no additional nutrient source); F1 - NPK (19:19:19) @ 25 g/pot/year; F2 - Biofertilizers (azospirillum and phosphotika) each @ 3 g/pot/year; F3 - Cattle manure @ 1.0 kg/pot/year; F4- Pig manure @1.0 kg/pot/year and F5- Poultry manure @ 0.5 kg/pot/year were applied in three equal splits. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block design with factorial concept comprising in three replications. All vegetative and flowering parameters differ significantly at 0.05 level, and were observed better under Shade house (75% shade net) condition. Number of suckers per pot (4.77), number of leaves (23.73), leaf area (257.79cm2), flower stalk length (41.68cm), flower stalk diameter (5.95mm), spadix length (60.77cm), spadix diameter (10.02mm), spathe area (103.25cm2), vase life (19.67days) and number of flower per plant (3.57) were found maximum in F1 - NPK (19:19:19) @ 25 g/pot/year. Hence Anthurium andreanum cv. Evita planted in cocopeat, charcoal and vermicompost in the proportion of 6.5:1:1 placed under shade house (75% shade net) and fertilized with NPK (19:19:19) @ 25 g/pot/year can enhance growth and flowering characters.




Anthurium, Flower quality, Natural forest trees, Potting nutrients, Shade house

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