Harmeen Kaur Navjot Kaur


Soybean based bakery products were prepared by supplementing germinated soybean varieties namely SL 525, SL 744 and SL 958 with refined flour at different substitution levels and were organoleptically evaluated using nine-point hedonic rating scale for sensory attributes like appearance, color, texture, flavor, taste and overall acceptability by a semi-trained panel of 10 judges (panel included Professors and Assistant Professors). Incorporation of germinated soybean flour at 10, 20 and 30 percent levels showed both significant and non-significant difference (p<0.05) for products namely biscuits, muffins, bread, donuts and tarts for overall acceptability. Among varieties, biscuits were highly acceptable at 20 percent for SL 744 with score 8.0. Supplementation of 10 percent was highly acceptable and the scores for overall acceptability for muffins (8.42), donuts (8.0) of SL 958 and bread (8.01) of SL 525 were achieved. Tarts were highly acceptable at 20 percent supplementation in SL 525 with overall acceptability of 7.93. It may be concluded that soybean flour can be an economical alternative for refined flour in bakery products for future industrial commercialization. Further awareness regarding nutrient composition and utilization of the germinated soybean flour in the daily diet needs to be generated.




Bakery products, Germinated soybean, Overall acceptability, Sensory evaluation.

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