D Sharmah B Debnath B K Kandpal D Das


The present study was carried out under Krishi Vigyan Kendra, South Tripura to study the production, profitability and employment generation of IFS over prevailing conventional rice-rice system of farming in South Tripura district of Tripura during 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18. The components rice, maize, vegetables, ginger, apiculture, fishery, poultry and piggery were considered for the study under integrated farming system. The Integrated Farming System (IFS) model showed 17.79 % increase in productivity and 48.91 % higher net return over conventional rice-rice system.  Among the components evaluated, the highest per cent net return was received from Fishery unit (31.78), followed by Piggery unit (18.19), Apiculture (13.93), Poultry unit (12.96), Spice Ginger (10.19), Crop (7.31) and Vegetables (5.64) respectively. The highest B:C ratio (3.67) was obtained from fishery unit among all the component evaluated under the IFS. A total of 289 Man days/ha/year employments can be generated under Integrated Farming System. This system of IFS model may be useful in the areas where water is limiting and an efficient alternate system of conventional rice-rice system.




Components, Employment generation, Integrated Farmimg System, Production, Profitability

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