D. Divyalakshmi N. Kumaravelu C. Balan Thanga.Thamil Vanan P. Tensingh Gnanaraj


Pig rearing on concentrate feed may not be economical because of higher market price of raw materials. The alternative source could be the use of swill feeding. Consequently, the impact of the swill feed on the backfat thickness and body measurements calls for investigation against any other alternative feed.  Hence in the present study, an attempt has been made to compare the body measurements and backfat thickness in fattener piglets which were fed with swill feed (T1) vs. Those fed with chocolate cream waste supplemented with swill feed (T2). The statistical analysis of the data obtained in the present study revealed that there was highly significant (P?0.01) difference between body weight gain and backfat thickness (layer I and II) of both the group of piglets which were taken for trial starting from three months of age till five months of age. However, not significant difference (P?0.05) was noticed for body length and chest girth except in the pigs of 150 days age group. This study indicates that swill feed supplemented with chocolate cream waste could be used to reduce the feed cost since higher weight gain is achieved in a shorter time interval, increasing body measurements and backfat thickness compared to swill feed (T1) group of piglets.


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Backfat thickness, Body measurements, Fattener pigs, Swill feed

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