Venkatesh H L V V Kavyashri A. S. Padmaja N Nagaraju S Ramesh


Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) is most widespread and destructive disease of gherkin (Cucumis anguria L.) Most of the commercial varieties are susceptible to CMV disease. Thus, identification of resistant genotypes for management of CMV disease in gherkin is essential. A total of 179 F3 progenies derived from crosses of resistant and susceptible parent’s viz., Acc.1 (susceptible) x Acc. 50 (resistant), Acc.3 (susceptible) x Acc.50 (resistant), Acc.48 (susceptible) x Acc 50 (resistant) were screened for CMV. Among 179 F3 families, 7 were Immune, 17 were Resistant, 76 were Moderately Resistant, 73 were Moderately Susceptible and 6 were Susceptible. The immune and resistant progenies were further confirmed for their resistance reaction by aphid transmission. Significant difference between the estimates of PDI or F3 progenies mapped into different response classes justified the classification. 


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CMV, F3 Progenies, Gherkin, Resistant, Screening, Susceptible

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