Yogesh Kumar Raj Singh Anil Kumar C S Dagar


Field experiments were carried out at research farm of Department of Agricultural Meteorology, CCSHAU, Hisar during Rabi seasons of 2016-17 to quantify crop weather relationship and the effect of different planting dates on growth and yield of potato cultivars in a sub-tropical environment at Hisar. The experimental field was adjacent to Agro-meteorological observatory at 290 10' N latitude, 750 46' E longitude and altitude of 215.2 m. The main plots treatments consisted four date of sowing viz. D1- 8th Oct., D2-22th Oct., D3- 5th Nov. and D4- 23rd Nov. The sub-plots treatment consisted of three varieties (V1- Kufri Bahar, V2- Kufri Pushkar and V3- Kufri Surya). The forty eight treatment combinations were tested in split plot design with four replications. The results revealed that various growth and yield observations were recorded higher in second sown crop (22th Oct.) as followed by other planting dates. The maximum tuber yield were produced in D2 (20810.45 kg/ha) and it was least in D4 (14525.46 kg/ha). Among the varieties, Kufri Pushkar recorded highest tuber yield (21478.06 kg/ha) followed by Kufri Bahar (17432.26 kg/ha) and Kufri Surya (15378.11 kg/ha). In crop weather relationship, Tuber yield and plant height were significantly positively correlated with rainfall (0.80 and 0.92) and rainy days (0.50 and 0.53). Evening relative humidity was also positively correlated with LAI (0.59) and tuber yield (0.78) of potato. Vegetables production is considered to be particularly important in satisfying world food demand. Specific research therefore is needed in order to evaluate the effects of environmental factors that crop encounters during its growth period and its production.


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Crop-weather relationship, Growth parameters, LAI, Planting dates, Yield attributes

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