Mushtaq A. R. Kurubar  M. R. Umesh Shekharagouda Patil Ashok Hugar


Nutrient requirement for guava under high density planting is much higher than normal planting. Combined application of organic manures and chemical fertilizers will enhance nutrient use efficiency. The field experiment was carried out at Raichur, Karnataka, India during 2017 to standardize rate of fertilizers and organic manures for Guava (Psidium guajava L.)  cv. Allahabad safeda under high density planting. Treatments consists of application of fertilizers for normal planting compared with 100:40:75 g NPK/plant as recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF), 75% and 50% of high density planting (HDP) along with 25 kg farmyard manure, organic manure alone and foliar application of urea @ 1 % at 2,3 and 4 months after pruning. Results indicated that application of NPK@ 235: 118: 120 g per plant as per the RDF for HDP along with 25 kg FYM has resulted in taller plants, plant spread E-W as well as N-S directions, canopy volume and leaf area index. Higher fruits/plant, average fruit weight, fruit diameter, fruit length, fruit yield per plant and fruit yield (48.58 t ha-1) was recorded by application of NPK@ 235: 118: 120 g per plant same as that of HDP along with 25 kg FYM. Application of 50 % of HDP recommendation along with foliar application of urea @ 1% at 2, 3 and 4 months after pruning and 25 kg FYM was also found effective in achieving higher fruit yield of guava.




Canopy volume, Fruit yield, Leaf area index, Guava, HDP

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