Charan Singh Puja Srivastava Achla Sharma Pradeep Kumar Praveen Chhuneja V.S. Sohu N.S. Bains


The present study was conducted to assess the genetic diversity and stability for grain yield (GY), 1000- grain weight (TGW), protein content (PC), grain iron (Fe) and grain zinc (Zn) concentration under three varied environmental locations using 28 diverse wheat genotypes (including three checks i.e., WH1105, DPW621-50, and HD2967 ). The material was sown at three locations during Rabi 2015-2016. Pooled analysis of variance revealed highly significant variance due to environments for all the traits studied indicating differential response of the genotypes. The genotype BWL 3584 exhibited stable performance across the environments for grain yield and grain zinc concentration under un-favorable environment also shows potential for high grain yield and high grain zinc concentration. After further confirmation, genotype BWL 3584 could be utilized as potential donor in hybridization programme to improve grain yield and grain zinc concentration. Further, genotype SABW 225 showed consistent performance across the environments for TGW and PC content. Whereas, PBW 744 was found to be suitable for GY (6142 kg/ha), coupled with PC (12.09%) and Zn (52.18ppm) across the locations followed by PBW 725 (6094, 12.26 and 46.96) and BWL 3584 (5219, 12.63 and 50.23) GY, PC and Grain Zn, respectively)and BWL 3584 (5219, 12.63 and 50.23) could be utilized as a donor in routine breeding programme to improve grain yield and quality traits in bread wheat.


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Bread wheat, Grain yield, Genotype-environment interactions, Multilocation testing, Quality traits

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