Sheikh Mohammad Sultan


36 Brassica rapa L. (Brown sarson) genotypes were characterized during two successive seasons of 2013/14 and 2014/15 along with two national checks (Puas Kalyani and GSL-2) and one local check variety (Shalimar-1) to assess the extent of variability and amount of variation in agro-morphological traits of plant height, number of primary branches/plant, days to 50% flowering, number of seeds/siliqua, seed yield/plant and 1000-seed weight. Important traits of plant height varied from 58.35 cm - 95.36 cm, seed yield/plant from 3.840 g - 18.470 g and 1000-seed weight from 2.746 g - 4.377 g. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences at 0.05 level of probability among different genotypes for these characters during a particular year while differences were non-significant in all the traits excepting days to 50% flowering when data of the two years was compared. Highest variability, phenotypic coefficient of variation (33.89%) and genotypic coefficient of variation (30.99%) were recorded for the trait seed yield/plant. High heritability coupled with high to moderate per cent genetic advance was recorded for seed yield/plant and 1000-seed weight indicating that these traits can be improved through simple selection. Moderate heritability with low genetic advance was observed in all other traits suggesting greater influence of environment. Promising donor genotypes for all these traits have been identified for possible utilization in breeding programmes in the region.


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Brassica rapa L. (Brown sarson), Genetic advance, Genetic variability, Germplasm, Heritability

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