Yogesh Kumar Raj Singh Anil Kumar A. K. Dhaka


An experiment was conducted in Rabi season of year 2014-15 at Research Farm, Department of Agril. Meteorology, CCSHAU Hisar, Haryana and field area was adjacent to agrometeorological observatory at 290 10' N latitude, 750 46' E longitude and altitude of 215.2 m with Split Plot Design as main plot treatments consisted of three date of sowing viz.26thOctober, 5thNovember, and 15th November and sub-plots consisted of three varieties (Kranti, RH 406 and RH 0749) with four replications. Various growth and yield parameters such as plant height, LAI, dry matter accumulation, partitioning and yield attributes were higher in 26thOctober sown crop as compared to 5th and 15th November at all the growth intervals. The crop sown on 26th October (1870.3 kg/ha) produced highest seed yield as compared to 5th (1525.5 kg/ha) and 15th November (1099.8 kg/ha). Among varieties, RH0749 recorded highest seed yield because LAI, biomass accumulates were performed better as compared to RH 406 and Kranti. There was significant interaction between growing environment and varieties with respect to growth and yield parameters. From the above study it was concluded that normal or early sowing of Indian mustard may be practisized for achieving higher seed yield and improved growth and yield attributes in western Haryana conditions.


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Growth intervals, Indian mustard, Sowing dates, Yield and yield attributes

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