Meenakshi Kumari S. S. Solankey Shirin Akhtar Pallavi Neha


A study of genetic diversity in 20 okra genotypes for 22 morphological and agronomic traits (13 quantita- tive and 9 qualitative) was laid out in randomized block design with three replications during 2015-16. The phenotyp- ic and genotypic variances, phenotypic (PCV) and genotypic coefficients of variation (GCV), heritability, genetic ad- vance of the characters were studied. The genotypes demonstrated wide range of variability for all characters. In this study PCV was higher than its corresponding GCV thus revealing the role of environmental factors. High heritability (h2b) was recorded for all characters except for days to first flowering (27.76%) and days to 50% flowering (34.67%) which have moderate values. Genetic advance in per cent of mean was high for all the characters ex- cept moderate for first flowering node (12.88%), fruit length (17.59%), fruit diameter (13.99%) as well as low for days to first flowering (1.69%) and days to 50% flowering (2.28%). The higher value of genetic advance indicates that selection of genotypes on the basis of these characters is desirable. Fruit yield showed positive and highly significant (at 1% level of significance) genotypic association with fruit diameter, number of fruits per plant, average fruit weight and number of seeds per pod. The genotypes, viz. Kashi Kranti, Kashi Satdhari, VROB-159, Punjab-8 and Kashi Mohini were found promising for most of the yield contributing traits. These genotypes could be used further in hybrid breeding programme.




Character association, Genotypes, Heritability, Okra, Variability, Yield

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