Dawn C. P. Ambrose S. J. K. Annamalai Ravindra Naik Anurag Kumar Dubey Subir Chakraborthy


A Millet Processing Centre for processing of minor millets in a tribal village in Tamil Nadu, has been established with the following millet processing machinery viz., Destoner, Millet Mill, Grain Polisher, Pulveriser, Flour Sifter and Packaging Machinery for enhancement of tribal livelihood. Performance studies on the machinery for processing minor millets viz., little millet, foxtail millet and finger millet grown in the tribal area were carried out. Based on the performance evaluation, the output capacity of destoner cum cleaner was found to be 230 kg/h and 233 kg/h for little and foxtail millet respectively with a cleaning efficiency of 89 and 90% respectively for the above millets. The performance of millet mill revealed that the output capacity was 90-92 kg/h for little and foxtail millet with a dehulling efficiency of 86 and 87% respectively with small percentage of brokens (< 5 %). The capacity of grain polisher was 60-61 kg/h with a polishing efficiency of 85% & 86% respectively for little and foxtail millet. The pulveriser was evaluated for finger millet flour making whereby the output capacity of the machine was 75 kg/h with a milling efficiency of 90% respectively. The cost economics revealed that the tribal farmers could save 85% of the processing cost. The benefit cost ratio was found to be 2.05.The total profit to the tribal Society through Millet Processing Centre was Rs. 21,000/- during the first harvesting season of millets. The above studies have paved way for satisfactory functioning of the Millet Processing Centre in the tribal area.




Cost economics, Millet processing machineries, Minor millets, Performance evaluation, Tribal farmers

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