Tsering Dolkar M. K. Sharma Amit Kumar


Characters association and path analysis was studied in fifty genotypically diverse grape (Vitis vinifera L.) accessions for 20 important quantitative characters. The genotypic and phenotypic association of yield was signifi-cantly positive with most of the studied characters except yield efficiency, berry weight and chemical characters. Yield was positively and significantly correlated (r) with bunch length (0.652), bunch breadth (0.584), bunch weight (0.946), number of bunches per vine (0.289), number of berries per bunch (0.672), berry length (0.337), berry breadth (0.363) and number of seeds per berry (0.612). Direct and positive effect was observed between yield and bunch and berry characters. Bunch breadth (1.538), number of bunches per vine (0.708), berry weight (1.112) ex-hibited a good amount of direct effect on yield and its correlation with yield was also positive. Hence it is clear from the present study that for selection of any accession in the crop due emphasis must be given on the yield and the associated characters which have direct and positive effect on the yield.




Accessions, Character, Correlation, Grape, Path coefficient, Variability

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