Vijaykumar N. Suresh S. Patil B. S. Reddy S. B. Goudappa


The research study was conducted in Bidar and Kalaburagi Districts of Karnataka. To study the comparative economics of different soybean cropping systems. A sample size of 160 farmers was selected using multistage random sampling method. Field level data were elicited for the agricultural year 2013-14 through personal interview method. Soybean + Redgram, Soybean + Jowar, Soybean + Bajra, and sole Soybean were the major cropping systems identified. Study revealed that, the average age of the sample respondents was 43, 45, 41, 44 and 43 years, respectively in CS-I, CS-II, CS-III, CS-IV and overall cropping system. The literacy percentage was highest in CS-I followed by CS-IV, CS-II and CS-III respectively. The net returns realized in these major cropping systems were ` 54443.20, ` 34108.18, ` 21047.27 and ` 13503.06 respectively. The gross returns realized in CS-I was highest, as compared CS-II, CS-III and CS-IV respectively. Similarly, the net returns obtained in CS-I was found to be the highest followed by CS-II, CS-III and CS-IV respectively. Returns per rupee spent was found to be the highest in CS-I. Among the studied soybean based cropping systems, CS-I (soybean + redgram) and CS-II (soybean + jowar) were found to be the most profitable system under rainfed condition in the study area.


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Costs and returns, Cropping System, North-Eastern Karnataka, Soybean

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