Har Lal Meena Kiran Rana HS Kanwar Manohar Lal


Studies were carried out to evaluate the efficacy of some insecticides as seed treatment, soil application and foliar sprays on seed quality characters of bell pepper (Capsicum annuumL.) cultivar Solan Bharpur during Kha-rif season 2013. The treatments comprised of seed application of imidacloprid (Gaucho 600FS) and thiamethox-am (Cruiser 70WS), soil application of neem cake@ 2 q/acre and carbofuran @ 6 kg/acre and foliar sprays of im-idacloprid (Confidor 200 SL), thiamethoxam (Actara 25 WS), indoxacarb14.5 SC @ 0.5ml/l, NSKE (neem seed ker-nel extract) @ 5%, Neem Raj 500ppm @ 2.5ml/l and control. The observations regarding quality parameters record-ed were germination percentage, seedling length, seeding dry weight, seed vigour index-I, seed vigour index-II and electrical conductivity. The results revealed that treatment combination viz., seed treatment and foliar spray with thiamethoxam (S2F2) recorded significantly higher germination percentage (96.33%), seed vigour index-I (934.10), seed vigour index-II (245.02) and minimum electrical conductivity (216.67dSm-1) at 0.05 level of significance. Therefore, seed treatment and foliar spray of thiamethoxam may be recommended for quality seed production of bell pepper.




Capsicum, Cultivar, Electrical conductivity, Germination, Seed vigour

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