Guriqbal Singh Harpreet Kaur Virk Veena Khanna


The experiment was conducted to study the integrated nutrient management for high productivity and net returns in lentil. Results revealed that nodulation was significantly (P?0.01) enhanced in treatments comprising of Rhizobium and phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) along with recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF), farmyard manure (FYM) and vermicompost. Treatments comprising of Rhizobium + PSB along with RDF, 50% RDF, FYM and vermicompost showed higher nodule dry weight as compared to the treatments without biofertilizers. Pods plant-1 was highest in RDF + Rhizobium + PSB. Combination of different organic sources with RDF resulted in significantly (P?0.001) higher grain yield than RDF only. RDF + 5 t ha-1 FYM resulted in 26.3 and 6.7 per cent higher grain yield over control and RDF alone, respectively. RDF + Rhizobium + PSB recorded the highest net returns (Rs 40321 ha-1) and B:C ratio (3.78). It can be concluded that supplementing the recommended dose of nutrients (12.5 kg N + 40 kg P2O5 ha-1) with 5 t ha-1 FYM or 2 t ha-1 vermicompost or Rhizobium + PSB inoculation help in obtaining high grain yields and net returns in lentil.




Grain yield, Lentil, Net returns, Nodulation, Rhizobium

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