R. R. Rachana R. Varatharajan


Ten thrips species in ten genera of two families (Phlaeothripidae and Thripidae) of suborders Tubulifera and Terebrantia (Order Thysanoptera) are newly added to the fauna of Odisha, India. These species collected from various host plants are being reported for the first time from Odisha; three species in Phlaeothripidae and seven in Thripidae. Three species, Panchaetothrips stepheni, Scirtothrips bispinosus and Elaphrothrips greeni are recorded as new distribution reports from North India whereas, Crotonothrips polyalthiae has been newly reported from India. This survey reports newly added nine genera viz.,Astrothrips, Panchaetothrips, Selenothrips, Neohydatothrips, Den-drothripoides, Megalurothrips, Elaphrothrips, Crotonothrips and Karnyothrips and two subfamilies Panchaetothripi-nae and Idolothripinae to the fauna of Odisha. Diagnostic features, distribution and data on material studied for the-se species are given. The number of known species of thrips in Odisha is thus increased to 23.


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New state records, Odisha, Thrips, Thysanoptera

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7:64 - 98.
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