Sandeep Kaur Amandeep Kaur Gurpreet Kaur A.K. Dhawan


A field study was carried out at Vegetable Research Farm PAU, Ludhiana to determine the economic threshold level for the timely management of cotton jassid Amrasca bigutulla (Ishida) on okra vegetable crop. It was observed that significantly lowest jassid nymphal count per leaf in the pooled data (0.96 nymphs/leaf) were registered in the treatment where spray against jassid were given at 2 nymphs/leaf stage and first injury grade that is curling and yellowing of leaf margin as compared to others spray stages (1.54-1.72 nymphs/leaf) and unsprayed control (1.75 nymphs/leaf) significantly lowest jassid injury grade was also observed when spray stared at 2 nymphs/ leaf (0.58) and second spray stage curling and yellowing of leaf margin (0.65 nymphs/leaf) as against other spray stages (1.13 – 1.60 nymphs/leaf) and unsprayed control (1.63 nymphs/leaf). Maximum plant (110.33-110.44 cm) was also recorded as against other treatment (90.80 – 108.46 cm) and control (90.13cm). Total highest fruit yield (120.40-120.75) quintal /ha was also registered in these two treatments. Economic threshold level estimated for the management of cotton jassid on okra crop will help to develop an ecologically safe pest management practices against this pest.


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Amrasca bigutulla, Economic threshold level, Confidor, Okra

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