Manpreet Kaur K. S. Khera


The Red Wattled Lapwing is an important bird of the agro-ecosystem of the Punjab state, feeding on insects, seeds and nectar. The present study was carried out to gather information on the egg parameters (morphometry and its components), which is lacking for this species. The eggs were observed in the nest construct-ed in the agricultural fields of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, Punjab. Egg length, width and weight were measured using vernier caliper and portable weighing balance, respectively, in laboratory. The egg parameters like egg volume, specific gravity and shape index were also calculated. Weight of egg components (yolk, albumen and shell) were also measured using weighing balance. Results revealed that average values of egg breadth, length and shape index were: 30.05±0.331 (mm), 41.29±0.573 (mm) and 72.83±0.930, respectively. Whereas whole egg weight, albumen weight, yolk weight, shell weight, albumen percentage, yolk percentage, shell percentage, egg volume and specific gravity were 17.49±0.634(gm),7.17±0.374 (gm), 9.05±0.233 (gm), 1.26±0.070 (gm), 40.84±0.941 (%), 51.92±0.830 (%), 7.22±0.280 (%), 17.07±0.531(cm3) and 1.02±0.009 (gm/cm3), respectively. This study pro-vides important information that can help the avian taxonomists in species classification, as bird’s egg diverges widely in shape, volume, weight and percentage of albumen, yolk and shell. Therefore, we can use the egg parameters as additional information in bird systematic.


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Egg Component, Egg Parameters, Red Wattled Lapwing, Specific gravity, Shape index

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