Monika Upreti Shahnaz Jahan


This research work was carried out to investigate the influence of treatment time period on physical properties of water retted Grewia asiatica (Phalsa) fibres. The extracted fibres were subjected to chemical scouring with sodium hydroxide (20g/l) and ammonium oxalate (5g/l) at 100º C for 30 mins. and 60 mins. and their effect on tensile strength, elongation and fibres fineness was studied. It was found that as the time period for scouring increased from 30 mins. to 60 mins. elongation and fineness improved, whereas in case of tenacity for 30 mins. treatment, tenacity improved but 60 mins. scouring decreased the tenacity of the fibres.


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Grewiaasiatica, Physical properties, Scouring, Sodium hydroxide, Water retting

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