P. Nandi D. Roy B. Ghosh S. Kundu


The study of the effect of bending of shoots in different months in guava cv. Khaja was carried out at

Horticulture Research Station, Mondouri of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya to find out suitable bending time for improving flowering, yield and quality of guava. The experiment consists of seven treatments with three replications in a randomised block design. The different treatments were bending in October (T1), November (T2), March (T3), April (T4), May (T5), June (T6) and untreated control (T7). Bending in June (T6) resulted early emergency of new shootlet (15.0 days), flower initiation (40.33 days) and fruit set (48.33 days) from the date of bending as well as the same treatment showed maximum fruit weight (197.67 gm), fruit length (8.00 cm), fruit diameter (7.16 cm) and pulp thickness (2.20 cm). Higher fruit quality in terms of total soluble solids (11.04 0brix), total sugar (7.0 %) and ascorbic acid content (197.96 mg/100g pulp) was noted when bending was done in May (T5) and June (T6). Bending in the month of October (T1) resulted in maximum C: N ratio of leaf with maximum flowering shootlets in a branch and yield (63.67 kg/plant). So, time of bending may be standardized in the month of October or June for higher profit.


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Ascorbic acid, Bending time, lowering shootlet, Fruit yield, Leaf C: N ratio

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