Gurjot Kaur Poonam Sharma Deepika Chhabra Kailash Chand Gurjit Singh Mangat


The present investigation was carried out to exploit bacterial endophytes associated with root and leaf tissue of rice plant for plant growth promotion (PGP) and colonization study in vitro. Total 10 endophytic bacterial isolates (Pseudomonas sp.) were evaluate for PGP traits like P solubilization, production of Indole acetic acid (IAA), siderophore, ACC deaminase, protease, cellulase, fluorescent pigment, urease and denitrification activity. Out of 10 endophytic bacteria 30 %, 60 %, 20 %, 70 %, 10 % and 10 % were positive for siderophore, protease, cellulase, fluorescent pigment, urease and denitrification respectively. Maximum IAA production was recorded with isolate LRBLE7 (18.8 ?gml-1) followed by LRBRE4 (16.0 ?gml-1) and maximum P-solubilization was recorded with isolate LRBRE4 (5.8 mg 100 ml-1) followed by LRBLE7 (4.4 mg 100 ml-1). ACC deaminase production was recorded with isolate LRBLE6 (O.D=0.352 nm) followed by LRBRE5 (O.D=0.324nm). Three potential isolates (LRBRE4, LRBRE6 and LRBLE7) were selected on the basis of multiple PGP traits and were subjected to colonization study of rice seedling in vitro. Potential bacterial isolates can be exploited for improving growth and productivity in rice under sustainable management system.


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Colonization, Endophytic bacteria, Plant growth promotion, Pseudomonas, Rice

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