Preeti Yadav Sumit Deswal Avtar Singh


Sixteen diverse genotypes of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) were grown in five (E1 to E5) environments which were created by different date of sowing during the rabi seasons at the Vegetable Farm of CCS HAU, Hisar. (29°15?N, 75°69?E) during 2012-13. Observations were recorded on ten randomly selected plants from each genotypes in each replications for characters viz. field emergence index, days to 50 % flowering, plant height, number of pods per plant, number of branches per plant, number of seeds per pod, pod length, seed yield (q/ha), test weight, seed germination, seed vigour index-I and II. The estimation of genotypic and phenotypic coefficients (GCV and PCV) variation in all the environments was consistently decreasing with the delaying in sowing date for all the character studied except plant height and test weight indicating that the environmental influence was comparatively more pronounced for these characters in expressing the phenotypic performance of different genotypes. Highest GCV and PCV was estimated as 50.36 % and 55.93 %, respectively for seed vigour index-I in E1. High value of heritability estimated for characters seed yield, seed vigour index-II, seed germination and branches per plant (above 70 %) in E1 revealed that these were less influenced by environment and low heritability estimated for days to 50 % flowering in E2, plant height in E2, seeds per pod in E3, field emergence index in E5 indicated high influence of environment. Based on environmental indices, the environment E2 was most favourable for all the characters studied except field emergence index.


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Environmental Indices, Fenugreek, GCV, Genetic advance, Heritability, PCV

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