S. B. Sah R. N. Gupta T. Saha S. P. Singh


 The milk has high nutritional properties and is widely used as baby food in different forms. The present study was undertaken to evaluate pesticide contamination in bovine milk samples from Patna district of Bihar. Out of 24 samples analyzed during 2012, 18 samples (75 %) were found to be contaminated with HCH residues varying from ND-0.178 mg kg-1 (mean value 0.135 mg kg-1). Seven samples (29.2 %) had HCH exceeding MRL of 0.01 mg kg-1. DDT residues were detected in 20 samples (83.3 %) and ranged from ND-0.132 mg kg-1 (mean value 0.122 mg kg-1). Five samples (20.8 %) contained DDT residues above the prescribed MRL of 0.05 mg kg-1. Out of 24 samples of bovine milk analyzed during 2013, 16 samples (66.7 %) were found to be contaminated with HCH and 15 samples (62.5%) with DDT residues. The residues of HCH varied from ND-0.154 mg kg-1 (mean value 0.053 mg kg-1) and DDT from ND-0.120 mg kg-1 (mean value 0.122 mg kg-1). The residues of HCH and DDT were above MRL in four samples (16.7 %) and three samples (12.5 %) respectively. The management practices of animals and legal punishment on using banned pesticides are the alternatives to reduce pesticide contamination incidences in milk.


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Bovine milk, DDT, HCH, Monitoring, Pesticide, Residue

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