Amrit Raj R. B. Mallick


A field experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2007-’08 and 2008-’09 to study the effect of calcium nitrate {Ca (NO3)2} and potassium nitrate {KNO3} at 50 % flowering stage and soil applied nitrogen {N: (0, 40 and 80kg N/ha)} on growth, productivity and economics ofyellow sarson at farmers field under irrigated old alluvial soil of West Bengal. Highest leaf area index (LAI) values at 40 days of crop age (1.748 and 1.592), dry matter accumulation (1404.3 and 1288.8 gm-2) at 80 days and crop growth rate (C.G.R) (27.87 and 25.68 g m-2 day-1) in between 40 to 60 days were obtained at Nitrogen application at the rate of 80 kg / ha and mixed spray of 0.203 % Ca (NO3)2 + 0.25 % KNO3 respectively. Soil application of 80 kg N/ ha along with foliar spray of 0.203 % Ca (NO3)2 + 0.25 % KNO3 resulted increase in seed yield (1.68 t ha-1) by 12 % over 80 kg N/ ha with only water spray (1.5 t ha-1). Foliar spray of 0.203 % Ca (NO3)2 + 0.25 % KNO3 improved the yield components and seed yield over their sole application. Application of 80 kg N/ha along with 0.203 % Ca (NO3)2 + 0.25 % KNO3 at 50 % flowering stage was found to be the most effective in increasing yellow sarson production in old alluvial soil.




Nitrate salts, Nitrogen, Winter season, Yellow sarson

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