Abhinaw Kumar Singh Hanumant Singh O.P. Rai Ghanshyam Singh Ved Prakash Singh Naveen Prakash Singh Rajneesh Singh


A field experiment was conducted at Agronomy Research Farm, N.D. University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad during the Rabi season of 2011-12 to access the effect of sowing dates and varieties for higher productivity of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.). Treatments consisted of four dates of sowing viz. D1 (25th September), D2 (5th October), D3 (15th October) and D4 (25th October) was kept as main plot and five varieties viz.V1 (Rohini), V2 (Maya), V3 (Coral-437), V4 (Kranti) and V5 (PBR-357) was kept as sub plot replicated three under split plot design. Results revealed that all the growth, yield attributes and quality were increased significantly under 25th October sowing. The agronomical parameters like initial plant stand per running meter, plant height (cm), days taken to 50 % flowering, leaf area index, dry matter accumulation (g plant-1) and yield and yield attributes like number of siliquae plant-1, number of seed siliqua-1, length of siliqua (cm) and seed, stover yields (q ha-1) of mustard crop were significantly higher with variety Coral-437. The highest seed yield oil content % was computed under 25th October sowing with Coral-437 variety. 25th October sowing with Coral-437 variety proved the most remunerative and economically feasible for cultivation of Indian mustard under the agro climatic conditions of eastern U.P.




Different Varieties, Indian mustard, Productivity, Sowing dates

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