N. B. Ghube A. D. Kadlag B. M. Kamble


A field experiment was conducted at soil test crop response (STCR) correlation project farm of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri Maharashtra.The result showed that individual application of nitrogen (N), phosphorus(P),potassium(K) or organic nutrient sources (Farm yard manure) recorded less value of preseasonal sugarcane ratoon but the integration of both the sources showed significantly improved all the growth, yield and quality parameters of preseasonal sugarcane ratoon. The maximum number of internodes were ranged between 21-30 with mean of 25.42, number of leaves 6-10 with mean of 7.21, length of internodes 12.50-16.80 cm with mean of 14.41 cm, girth of internodes 11.30-13.10 cm with mean of 12.15 cm and height of millable cane 335-385 with mean of 351.75 cm, respectively were found higher with application of residual effect of 30 t ha-1 farm yard manure (FYM). However, the quality traits viz., brix ranged from 18.70 to 22.80 with mean of 19.87, pol per cent ranged from 15.81 to 18.41 per cent with mean of 17.53 per cent and commercial cane sugar (CCS) per cent from 9.39 to 12.09 per cent with mean of 10.76 per cent. The CCS yield was ranged between 9.58-16.30 MT ha-1 with mean value of 14.13 MT ha-1were enhanced considerably with residual 15 and 30 t FYM ha-1 blocks over without FYM. The application of organic and inorganic fertilizers will not only enhance the growth, yield and quality of preseasonal sugarcane ratoon but also conserve agro-ecosystem for sustainable crop production.


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Growth, Inorganic and organic fertilizer, Preseasonal sugarcane ratoon, Quality and Yield

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