Sucheta Sucheta Rakesh Gehlot Saleem Siddiqui


The present investigation was carried out to prepare fruit cheese, a fruit confectionery prepared by combining fruit pulp with sugar, pectin and acid from blended fruit pulp of guava (Psidiumguajava) and mango (Mangiferaindica). The storage studies of mixed fruit cheese packed in HDPE bags showed significant changes in chemical properties during three months storage. Total sugars, reducing sugars and browning increased significantly from 66.8 to 68.7 %, 21.1 to 23.4 % and 0.25 to 0.37, while carotenoids and total phenols decreased significantly from 1.2 to 0.7 mg/100g and 39.1 to 35.2 mg/100g in guava-mango cheese during storage. Carotenoids was maximum (2.5 mg/100g) in guava-mango cheese containing highest mango pulp content, while ascorbic acid and total phenols was maximum (13.0 and 54.7 mg/100g) in cheese with highest guava pulp content. The cost of production was found minimum (Rs. 140/kg) in guava-mango cheese with 100 guava: 0 mango pulp ratio and increasing concentration of mango pulp showed a increasing trend in the cost of production of fruit cheese.


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Chemical quality, Guava, Mango, Mixed fruit cheese, Storage

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