N. Brindha V. Appa Rao


A study was under taken on preparation of pet food from chicken head (20 %), feet meal (15 %) and
cauliflower waste meal (10 %). The proximate composition, chemical and microbial qualities were analysed. The proximate composition (%) viz., crude protein, ether extract, crude fibre, total ash, nitrogen free extract and metabolizable energy (K Cal/100g) of pet food on dry matter basis were 26.63, 18.52, 1.38, 10.29, 43.17 and 422.28, respectively. The thiobarbituric acid from 0.46 to 2.52 mg MA/kg, tyrosine value 35.53 to 77.36 mg/100g and total viable count log 3.46 to 5.90 cfu/g were increasing significantly (P<0.01) and yeast and mould count was not detected up to 50 days of storage period. The pets were fed with prepared pet food and evaluated by pet owner gave score for appearance, consistency, odour which were in normal range and overall acceptability was good.


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Chicken byproducts, Chemical and microbial quality, Pet food, Proximate composition

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