Shikha Shrivastava Kanti Chouby Jaya Sahu Meeta Verma


Surface tension of different liquids which have an impact on living systems and the changes occurred due to mixing of fly ash was studied, keeping the temperature and amount of fly ash powder, constant. This change is very vital because surface tension is a very vital element for survival in biological world as many animals, and microorganisms survive due to specific surface tension which supports their life on water as larva or adult and even human, because many vital processes like respiration is dependent on surface tension.When yeast cells in aqueous
solution, surface tension of 6.65 x10-2Newton/Meter at280 C respiration is best but at 5.1x10-2 Newton/meter respiration is inhibited (1953 Carl).


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Surface tension, Capillary rise, Fly ash

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