B. Gokila P. Saravanapandian S. Sivagnanam


Secondary nutrient deficiency especially sulphur (S) in blackgram has imparted poor grain setting percentage and yield as well. Interest on S availability in soils has increased due to acute shortage production of quality blackgram. Therefore, an attempt was made to assess the three SO4-2- S sources (Gypsum, Ammonium sulphate and Potassium sulphate) and two S levels (10 and 20 kg S ha-1) under irrigated condition. This experimental trial was replicated three times along with randomized block design at farmer field of Thenamallur village, T. Kallikudi block, Madurai district. S treatments were also evaluated by two methods of fertilizer amendment such as, soil application (as basal dose) and foliar spray (0.5 % K2SO4) on 30th and 45th days after sowing and its combinations. Soil analysis is good method to assess the S nutritional status of soil under tropical areas. The results revealed that the S and micronutrient content was low in single soil application or foliar spray and irrespective of source and level. Foliar spray treatment plants recovered limited S concentration. We could found that the better higher S concentration among the combination treatments. Soil application of K2SO4 @ 20 kg ha-1 + foliar spray was increased the soil available S and DTPA - extractable Micronutrient (Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu) status. Our study explains that the treatment combinations had synergistic effect and it may be concluded that the combinations (soil + foliar spray) are increased soil available S and micronutrient status. Further, future studies are required to confirm the results of S fertilizers in alkaline soil.




Application methods, levels, Soil micronutrients, Sulphur sources

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