S. Sivasubramaniam S. Ambika M. Vetrivel


Seed grading is an important practice for better crop establishment and to improve efficiency of planting ratio in field and also useful in separation of quality seed in a seed lot. The influence of seed size on physiological and biochemical seed quality characters were evaluated in Tephrosia seeds using seeds retained on 5.5/64?, 6/64? and 7/64? sieves along with control. The estimations revealed that larger size seeds retained on 7/64" sieves recorded the maximum recovery (64 %), 100 seed weight (2.0 g), speed of germination (14.1) germination ( 86 %), root length (8.5 cm), shoot length (11.0 cm), dry matter production (15.92 mg seedlings-10), vigour index (1677) and protein (10.56 %) compared to BSS 5.5 / 64'', BSS 6 / 64'' and ungraded seeds.




Germination, Seed weight, Sieve, Size grading, Tephrosia

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