Manoj Kumar Rolaniya S. K. Khandelwal A. Choudhary Priynka Kumari Jat


A field experiment on African marigold (TagetserectaL.) was conducted during winter season of 2014-15 to study the effect of NPK, biofertilizers and plant spacings on growth and yield of African marigold (Tagetes erecta Linn). The treatment combinations F6 100 % RDF of NPK + Azotobacter + PSB recorded the maximum longevity of intact flower (27.93), average diameter of flower (7.37 cm), average weight of flower (8.96 g) number of flowers per plant (56.54), yield of flowers per plant (515.62 g), per plot (11.93 kg) and highest flower yield ha (184.13 q). The spacing D3 (60× 60 cm) registered significant (5 %) maximum longevity of intact flower, larger size flower (7.80 cm), average weight of flower (9.14 g) and highest flower yield per plant (456.22 g). Highest flower yield per plot (10.19 kg), number of flower per plant (52.22) and per hectare flower yield (157.29 q/ha) with 60× 45 cm. These results are conclusive that application of 100 % RDF of NPK + Azotobacter+ PSB and plant spacing (60× 45 cm) may positively increase the growth and flowers yield parameters of marigold.




African marigold, Bio fertilizers, NPK, Plant spacing

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