Davinder Singh Rajender Kumar S. S. Walia Amandeep S. Brar Roopinder Singh


A Field investigation was carried out to study the effects of organic (FYM) and inorganic nitrogen alone or in combination with bio-fertilizer consortium (Azotobacter, PSB and PGPR) on growth, yield attributes, yield and economics of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) during 2012-13 at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. The treat-ments were comprised of 75, 100 (25 t ha-1 FYM ~ 125 kg N ha-1) and 125 per cent of recommended N and control. Results revealed that application of organic manure (FYM) had beneficial effects on the growth, yield attributes and yield of turmeric. The maximum yield of 204.4 q ha-1 was obtained with application of 125 per cent of recommended organic manure combined with the bio-fertilizers, which was statistically at par with that of 100 per cent of recom-mended organic manure alone or in combination with the bio-fertilizers. Application of bio-fertilizers improved the growth and yield of turmeric to some extent.


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Bio-fertilizers, FYM, Inorganic nitrogen, Turmeric

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