Sonika Chauhan Aditya Kumar Chhavi Mangla Ashok Aggarwal


The present paper represents the positive role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi as biofertilizers in strawberry. Experiments were carried out to assess the effectiveness of Trichoderma viride and AM fungi (Glomus mosseae and Acaulospora laevis) alone or in combination, on the growth and biomass production of strawberry. After 120 days, dual inoculation of A. laevis + T. viride showed maximum increase in plant height (30.5±0.3), fresh shoot weight (10.16±0.20), dry shoot weight (2.82±0.02), fresh root weight (6.70±0.10), total chlorophyll (0.841±0.05) and phosphorus content in root (1.13±0.02) as compared to control. However root colonization and AM spore number were maximum in G. mosseae + A. lavies (90.76±1.32) and in G. mosseae (211.16±2.56) respectively as compared to uninoculated plants. Triple inoculation of G. mosseae + A. laevis + T. viride (12.33± 057) was effective in increasing the leaf area.


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Strawberry, Glomus mosseae, Acaulospora laevis, Trichoderma viride

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