Airadevi P. Angadi B. S. Reddy R. C. Jagadeesha Balaji S. Kulkarni S. Nishani


The study pertaining to the effect of summer season on correlation analysis in bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) was carried out among forty progenies. The results of correlation analysis for twelve parameters (plant height, stem girth, leaf length, leaf width, number of leaves per plant, number of suckers/m 2 , flower stalk length, flower stalk girth, spath length, no. of bracts, vase life and no. of flowers/ m 2 ) at genotypic and phenotypic levels revealed that number of flowers per m 2 of progenies during summer, 2011 showed positive and significant correlations with plant height (0.357 and 0.237) and number of suckers/ m2 (0.880 and 0.899). Whereas, it showed positive and significant correlation with stem girth (0.203), leaf width (0.202) and flower stalk girth (0.265) at genotypic level only. While during summer 2012, number of flowers per m 2 showed positive correlations with plant height (0.265 and 0.242), stem girth (0.232 and 0.215), number of suckers/ m 2 (0.913 and 0.900) and flower stalk length (0.268 and 0.249) at genotypic and phenotypic levels. Hence, the selection of these characters would be effective in improving yield in bird of paradise crop.


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Bird of paradise, Correlation, Flower stalk, Progenies, Stem girth

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