Y. A. Lyngdoh R. Mulge A. Shadap Jogendra Singh Seema Sangwan


Line × tester analysis was carried out with the objective of identifying the good combiners and to decide the breeding strategies for developing potential and productive genotypes or cultivars. Parents and hybrids differed significantly for GCA and SCA effects for all the characters respectively. Specific combining ability (SCA) variance was higher than the general combining ability (GCA) variance which shows the predominance of non-additive gene action for the improvement of all the characters studied. The parents and crosses having highest and significant GCA and SCA effects viz., KO-18 (13.69), KO-6 (9.54) and KO-2 × Parbhani Kranti (19.28) for plant height; KO-12 (0.34), KO-14 (0.19) and KO-5 × V5 (0.60) for number of branches per plant; KO-14 (-0.66) and KO-15 × Arka Anamika(-1.66) for days to first flowering; KO-1(1.10), Arka Anamika (0.46) and KO-9 × VRO-5 (3.28) for fruit length; KO-7 (7.91), VRO-5(1.68) and KO-18 × VRO-6 (8.64) for average fruit weight; KO-2 (1.18) and KO-17 × Arka Anamika (2.80) for number of fruits per plant; KO-9(0.05), VRO-6 (0.01) and KO-11 × VRO-6 (0.10) for total yield per plant were identified as good general and specific combiners. The results establish the worth of heterosis breeding for effective usage of non-additive genetic variance in okra.


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Combining ability, Okra, Line × tester, Variance

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